Learn To Play

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Tank Setup:

Using dice matching the color of the tank card, set 6 dice to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and assign to the open squares except the hit points. Use the remaining 2 dice, set them to 6, and assign them to your hit points.

Position bonus cards to be aligned with tanks of your choice. You may assign as many cards per tank as you desire it is not required that a tank has a card assigned.

Note: having more ammo than actions results in you not being able to use the excess ammo.


Map Rules:

Each map has unique rules that may override default rules (i.e. number of tanks in play, how many cards to use, etc). The win condition and tank hit points are determined by the map.


Start Game:

Determine who goes first by rolling the highest number on a die. Subsequent turns proceed clockwise.



During your turn select one tank to take the number of actions defined by the die number in its actions square.

Movement – When moving as an action you can move forward up to the dice number assigned to the tank’s speed. You may move in reverse but you move at half speed rounding down, the minimum backwards speed of 1. (i.e. if your speed is 5 your reverse speed is 2). You may not move through a tank and may not share a space on the map with a tank. A tank that was removed from the map because it was destroyed no longer act as a barrier. You may not move diagonal.

Turning – Turning your tank requires an action. You may turn as far as you want in a single action.

Firing – You may fire your tank at an enemy tank. The target must be within the number of squares defined by your tank’s range. You can shoot in any direction but must have line of sight, you cannot shoot through walls but can shoot over water. Tanks do not block shots. Each action you take when firing uses an ammo. Reduce your ammo dice by one for each fire action. The target reduces it’s hit points by the number assigned to the damage of the tank firing. Note: the ammo die resets at the end of your turn.

Ramming – When you have enough speed during an action to move into a tank, you can ram the tank. To do so, take away 1 health from your tank, and 3 to the opposing tank. The opposing tank stays in the same position and your tank stays in the adjacent block next to it. You can ram as many times as you like within a turn as long as you have enough actions to do so.


Tank Destroyed:

Armor acts as additional hit points. When you receive damage you reduce hit points until you have none left. Once you run out of hit points (6 + 6 + Armor) the tank is destroyed and removed from the board.


Ability Cards:

Ability cards allow you to assign special abilities above your tanks normal abilities. By default you may assign the abilities to whichever tank you like. You may add all of them to a single tank or balance them how you feel is the most strategic. You choose when to play ability cards and can play more than one per action, allowing you to use combinations such as double range + shoot through barrier.



Barriers are spaces where tanks cannot move through. There are two types of barriers. Surface barriers can be fired through whereas raised barriers can not be fired through.