Capture the Flag


The tank variation of the classic capture the flag. But there’s a twist. Set up barriers to foil your opponent.

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  • 2 player
  • No ability cards are used with this map
  • Each player uses 3 tanks

Win Condition:

Capture the flag and return it to your starting position.

Map Rules:

To capture a flag you land on or travel through the square that has the flag. Put the flag on the associated tank card.

While the flag is on the tank, make that tank back to your starting position to win.

If your tank with your flag is destroyed the flag moves from the destroyed tank card to the space on the map that the tank was when it was destroyed.

Ramps are not barriers and thus do not block damage. They can be entered or exited any direction. Ramps allow you to ascend to the top of a barrier or descend back to the surface. Tanks on barriers can only be shot at by other tanks on barriers if they have a high enough range. When tanks are on barriers, they have a +1 to their range when targeting tanks on the surface, but do not have line of sight to tanks on the surface within one block of the barrier wall the tank is on.

Additional Setup:

Place a D20 on the center brick square to represent the flag.

Use the 8 dice from the extra tank as barriers that you choose where to deploy (except on a barrier, flag or starting position) to block your opponent. The number 6 is the default number assigned to each of these barriers.

You may shoot a barrier reducing the hit points of the barrier and removing it once the hit points is below 1.


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