This solo play will puzzle you with increasingly difficult levels. Destroy the invaders before they infiltrate your homeland.

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  • 1 player
  • No ability cards are used with this map
  • The player uses 4 tanks

Win Condition:

Destroy all invaders before they end up in the tank starting position.

Map Rules:

Invaders are preset across the invader starting positions. During the invaders turn each dice moves down the map toward the tank starting position. Number of positions moved is based on the number on the dice. Dice cannot jump other dice, therefore they will wait behind a slower moving dice.

The movement speed and hit points are defined by the number on the dice.

The defender positions their tanks to defend the tank starting position. They can block the dice with a tank and a tank does not take damage.

The defender can position barriers with dice assigned 1 – 6. When the invader dice move into the barriers they inflict damage to the barriers in the amount of the invader die. This happens turn after turn until the barrier is destroyed and removed from the board. The invader does not move into the same space as a barrier. The barrier must be removed by taking damage, then the next turn the invader can advance onto that square. For instance you can block a 6 invader with a 1 barrier for one move just.

When the defender shoots an invader if the damage inflicted is greater than the remaining hit points of the invader die, the defender can choose an invaders positioned right next to the targeted invader to receive the collateral damage and that invader will take the remaining damage. This can result in one extra range when the collateral damage is inflicted on an adjacent invader one space out of range.

Additional Setup:

Use extra dice to setup 8 barriers numbered 1 – 6 and 2 additional 6.


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