There is a sci-fi flair to this map. Gain points while going through the portal in this fast paced 2 or 4 player map.

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  • 2 or 4 player
  • No ability cards are used with this map
  • Each player uses 2 tanks

Win Condition:

Collect 20 points.

Map Rules:

No tanks start on the board. Once per turn, for an action you can deploy a tank onto your starting position facing the direction of your choosing. Note for a 4 player game, each starting position is shared by 2 players. If a tank is on the spawn position, that tank is destroyed and you receive 2 points. When a tank is destroyed, it is removed from the game board, but can re-spawn on your next turn.

One way to earn points is to kill an enemy tank, which gives 2 points. Another way to earn points is to go into the center portal, which gives 2 points. Note you cannot portal the same turn the tank is deployed. Also, you can only portal once per turn.

When you enter the center portal, roll a D20. The number you roll represents one of the other four portals, and your tanks automatically moves there, retaining the position it was facing before being teleported.

If the tank were to land onto another tank, the teleporting tank would die. If the tank died from an opposing tank, the other player would receive 2 points.

Note for clarification. If you spawn on top of another tank, that tank is destroyed. If you cover a portal with your tank and someone teleports to that spot, the tank that teleported is destroyed.

Additional Setup:

Each person uses a D20 to keep track of their points.


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