Tank Defense


This challenging tower defense style map will hurt your brain determining the perfect configuration and placement of your tanks.

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  • 2 player
  • No ability cards are used with this map
  • 1 player uses 4 tanks while the other uses no tanks

Win Condition:

Dice win condition: At least one die reaches each goal. Tanks win condition: All dice are destroyed before each goal is occupied by a die.

Map Rules:


● Tanks can only be assigned a maximum of 14 ability points to only Range, Damage and Ammo. Your tank cannot take damage so Armor and Hit Points are not needed. Your tank cannot move, it can only shoot which is limited by ammo so actions are not needed.

● You can deploy 4 tanks at the start of the game to any tank surface so you can protect your white goals. Once a tank is deployed, it does not move the entire game.

● During your turn you can shoot any dice within range until you use all your ammo. The damage you have assigned will reduce the hit points of the dice you shoot until the dice have no remaining points and are removed.


● During your turn, you can deploy up to 7 new dice. Each one deploys to one of the fire squares then moves up to the dice maximum speed. The speed is the opposite of the die’s number. For instance if the die is assigned a 6, the speed is 1 and can be deployed and move up to 1 space. Future turns allows the dice to be moved 1 space.

● Dice cannot be removed from a goal once they are in.

● The assigned number on the die is its hit points. When hit points of a die are reduced it results in additional speed. For instance if your die had a hit point of 6 and speed of 1, but received 2 points of damage the hit point would be reduced to 4 resulting in a speed of 3.

● Dice may not move over other dice and cannot share a position on the path. Dice can move any direction including diagonally.

● Dice must be on the starting position, goal, or path at all times.

● Use all dice from the 4 colors not used by the tanks. A total of 32 dice will be deployed.


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